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Peter Lynn Vapor II,Power and Traction Kites,Kites,Race kite,High Performance,
Price: £429.00

The Vapor II is the ultimate high performance fixed bridle kite. Built for top level kite buggy racing, it pushed the envelope in
every aspect. From its at out performance to its exceptional build quality and high end materials.
This new iteration of the world renowned Peter Lynn Vapor is not only faster than its predecessor, it is also more stable and
more reliable. Next to that it is more agile, has better upwind performance and oers a more rewarding challenge to mastering
its full potential.
» World leading racing performance for experienced riders «
» Fast straight out of the bag, challenging to master «
» Exclusive top-end construction «
» Superb upwind capabilities «
» High but manageable power «
» Precise & intuitive steering «
» Low drag, low lift «
» Aerodynamic perfection «

Centre tension strap
Reduces the load on the bottom skin
where it counts.

High Aspect Ratio
High and well balanced Aspect Ratio for
high speed without sacricing turning

High cell count
The Vapor’s high cell count result in an
overall slimmer prole and increased

Laser cut panels
To guarantee impeccable shaping and
tting all panels of the Vapor are laser cut.

Reinforced bridle points
The bridle connection points are
reinforced by an angled bridle loop sewn
onto a shaped dacron patch.

Smooth top skin
As every little crease results in unwanted
drag our designer took great care to make
the top skin as smooth as possible.

Sophisticated bridling
The highly minimized bridles are load
dependant to further reduce drag.

Bridge Rib technology
By integrating specially designed prole
intersecting D-ribs it is now possible to
skip 4 cells between bridle points.

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