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NEW Keypod 5G Keysafe Features:
Improved Security for car keys
Simple, quick to use, portable
FOUR digit combination
Holds all known car keys/immobilisers
Foam backing to prevent scratching surfaces
Improved shackle strength
Everyone's trying to get us stressed about crime these days, but the fact is if you still leave your keys on the wheelarch, under the car or on the beach you are asking for trouble - and try taking your electronic key out in the water, we can promise you it won't work afterwards (tried, tested and a £140 bill to prove it).
The keypod is a simple, robust, inexpensive solution to the problem that's now been successfully put through it's paces by thousands of surfers.

Manufacturers Description

The ALL NEW KEYPOD 5G Keysafe builds upon the qualities of the original design but is now even more secure. KEYPOD remains a simple, robust, portable, weather resistant, secure storage safe for keys and other valuables designed to deter would be thieves so that they move on to an easier target. But it now blends a FOUR digit combination padlock with an integrated storage cavity which is large enough to hold all know modern immobiliser vehicle keys (and keyless keys), household keys, spare change, credit cards and even some mobile phones. The 10mm thick padlock shackle now has added dual notches at the either side of the shackle base to stop it being forced open and the storage lid now pivots from the base and has a stronger fastening mechanism. Just place in your keys etc, choose a solid anchor point on the car to secure the padlock shackle, close the lid and shackle and set the keys! As KEYPOD is portable it can be secured anywhere on your vehicle, for example on the suspension coil, towing eye, under the car body-anywhere that theres a secure point to attach the padlock shackle to. Although KEYPOD doesn't just have to be left on the car-choose any secure place to attach it and off you go!

N.B. We strongly advise you attach the keypod out of sight on your vehicle and appreciate that this is a deterrent, better than leaving a key on the wheel arch, but that with time and application any anti-theft device can be circumvented. We also suggest we check with your insurance company to see if using this product meets the terms of your policy.

Features on the KEYPOD 5G:
10mm thick steel padlock shackle.
Full width steel pin engineered into the hinge for additional strength.
Integrated shackle combination reset mechanism.
Super tough 3mm thick foam backed corrosion resistant alloy body.
Internal dimensions: L 9cm x W 6.3cm x D 2.8cm. Fits all vehicle keys and immobilisers.
Simple maintenance, wipe dry and occasional oiling will ensure years of reliable use.


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