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Flysurfer Infinity 3.0 Race Control Bar and Lines 50cm      £455.00
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Flysurfer Sonic FR 2
Price: £1,545.00

The Flysurfer Sonic 2 Full Race design strikes the perfect balance between maximum aerodynamic efficiency and the elegant dimension of an ultra high aspect ratio ram-air foil kite. The Sonic 2 embodies Flysurfer's vision of a modern, highly advanced racing wing. Each detail designed with performance in mind. Beautifully balanced and responsive turning, optimised lightweight construction and refined aerodynamics all come together to create a sublime riding experience.
If you want to race on the water or snow or even freestyle on a landboard or buggy, the Sonic 2 FR is perfect for maximum efficiency precision riding as well as riding in light wind conditions.
It's engineers have worked in conjunction with the best hydrofoiling and snowkite athletes to sculp this amazing wing. Together with the most advanced technology available from Flysurfer's paragliding department, they have been able to achieve the most powerful race kite.
Flysurfer's vision is not only to improve their kites, but to further shape the sport of kiting. What has remained is a simple and effective system. Lowest possible weight, smallest pack dimensions, quickest setup and stow-away combined with enormous durability. The Sonic 2 FR is more effective, lighter and more compact than anything else Flysurfer have ever built. Flysurfer were even able to achieve a bridle that is almost one-third lighter and remove an entire bridle row.
What is a Flysurfer Kite?
A Flysurfer kite consists of more than 100 different parts which have to work perfectly together to achieve the desired result. The distinctive double sail delivers a real wing profile, enabling the enormous flight performance.
The Flysurfer double sail-design facilitates stress-free kiting. This begins with weight and pack size. Get onto the water in seconds, without pumping or a helper. Once on the water the simplest water-relaunch, a sophisticated safety system and incredible upwind performance and lift will make sure you enjoy your session. That¹s not all. Flysurfer kites have a product life that outperforms every other kite on the water.
Numerous features make a Flysurfer Kite what it is: A kite for everyone on the hunt for maximum fun and enormous performance in all conditions combined with maximum durability. Flysurfer kites are all-rounders. Whether on snow or ice, land or water, they are always in on the action.
Rigid Foil Technology:
The leading edge is reinforced with flexible nylon battens. The result is a substantial weight savings that positively affects the handling in extreme conditions. The Rigid Foil technology gives that the leading edge maintains an optimal shape to ensure even airflow over the wing and a constant ram air pressure. The wing glides better, especially in accelerated flight. During launch, the battens hold leading edge open, making inflation easy.
Double Cordline Ballooning:
Double Cordwise Ballooning is minimises the creasing of the cells on the SONIC-FR to an absolute minimum. With exactly calculated arc-shaped panel cuts, double-stitched and glued seams a perfectly smooth, high performance airfoil is created.
Flat Winglet Technology:
Flat Winglet technology reduces the induced aerodynamic drag, but at the same time increases lift. This leads to a noticeable improvement in lift to glide ratio and forward flying speed of the kite. As well as better turning speed without wingtip collapse.
Sharp Mini Ribs:
To optimize the airfoil, the number of cells on the trailing edge has been doubled. This gives the SONIC-FR a razor-sharp trailing edge, otherwise known only from competition paragliders. Drag is reduced and the kite remains light.
Maximum Pressure Valves:
The M.P.V in the leading edge centre provides maximum air pressure inside the kite. The kite fills fast and accelerates even when fully depowered. Through the double valves in the centre area, the dynamic pressure is always there, where it is needed. A moving separator inside the valve carries the airflow directly into the kite, regardless of angle of attack. Therefor the SONIC-2 FR is stiffer, more responsive and stable.
Triple Depower Technology:
Thanks to the Triple Depower Technology, contact to the kite is always available even when fully depowered. Triple Depower changes:
The angle of attack changes (C kite to Flat kite)
The projected size of the kite changes (more/less pop and float for jumping)
The aerofoil camber changes (faster/slower kite)
Numerous optimizations to the profile have resulted in a more effective and direct depower effect. The already large wind range has expanded again. The legendary hang-time has just gotten even sweeter with more jump height, and thanks to the increased agility, kiteloops are now a reality. Naturally to cope with the increased speed and agility, stability had to be improved.
Depower is always within arms reach and is very direct, easy and precise like no other kite in this class. Jumps have never been easier and lightwind kiting has never been that much fun with butter smooth landings and amazing hangtime.
Stability, especially in strong or gusty winds, has grown to a level previously unknown in this kite class. The Triple Depower System gives the Flysurfer Sonic 2 FR its unbelievable wind range. Despite a high aspect ratio, the Sonic 2 FR flies like it’s nailed to the sky and won’t get unpredictable, even with more power. This provides additional safety, and helps with jumps. The tapered leading edge with four lines provides for excellent flagging-out of the Flysurfer Sonic 2 FR on the FLS Safety with an even better relaunch.
Flysurfer Triple Depower Technology:

Flysurfer Sonic 2 FR Features:
Flies in super low-wind conditions
Better turning and better catching after a kite-loop
Less backstall
Easy to use low-end wind performance
Ultra high performance race wing with 3D shaped profiling, resulting in extreme performance, wing efficiency and hangtime
Flat winglet technology
Rigid foil technology
Adaptive air intake valves
IKA registered
Less prone to tip collapsing
Snowkiting and landkiting is now possible even in the lightest of breezes
Light pack-down weight
Smaller packing dimensions
Flysurfer Infinity 3.0 Control Bar:
The Sonic 2 FR package is completed with Flysurfer's proven Infinity 3.0 Control Bar which has been impressing riders since its introduction to the market. Key features include the safe and dependable Quick Release and super smooth line untwisting function even after endless rotations. The Infinity 3.0 Control Bar is also now thinner, lighter and has a new durable and comfy EVA Grip.
The Infinity 3.0 control bar feeling is very direct, smooth and precise like no other kite in this class. Hangtime and butter-soft landings are unparalleled. It has never been this easy to land and learn new tricks, regardless of the wind conditions. Racers will also appreciate the improved windrange and increased upwind performance.
Infinity 3.0 Race control bar setup comes complete with exclusive 'low drag' kite lines, giving maximum efficiency while retaining maximum breaking strains.
Flying characteristics:
Good Power and High Wind Range
The good low end high-wind performance allows you to ride a smaller kite in a much lighter wind speeds without compromising the top end that Flysurfer kites are renowned for!
Fast Flying and Turning Speed
Enjoy a fast flying kite while jumping, wave riding and kitelooping! The new profile shape and tip design makes the Flysurfer Sonic FR turn fast and easy with a comfortable bar pressure.

Exceptional Low End Performance
Using the latest design techniques, the Flysurfer Sonic FR has more low end power than any Flysurfer ever made.
Amazing Lift and Long Float
The special design of the profile gives you a fast flying kite with good lift for extremely high jumps. The long float ensures longer airtimes and offers you softer landings.
Water Relaunching:
Because of the extreme stability, a Flysurfer kite is unlikely to ever hit the water in the first place.

However if it does, the waterproof taped and reinforced seams and the incorporated silicon valve design behind the air intakes along the kite's leading edge trap the air inside the kite, and make it very hard for water to get in.

The large volume of air keeps the whole kite floating on top of the water, so there is nothing stopping the kite from taking off. With very little practice, water re-launching a Flysurfer is very simple, quick, and easy to do.
Flysurfer Sonic 2 FR Package:
The Flysurfer Sonic 2 FR Complete version comes with the following:
Flysurfer Sonic 2 FR Kite
Flysurfer Sonic 2 FR Backpack
Flysurfer 4-Line Infinity 3.0 or Race Control bar with 21m lines.

Kites are 1 colour per size:
6m - Yellow/Black
9m - Green/Black
11m - Blue/Black
13m - Red/Black
15m - Orange/Black
18m -  Lime/Black

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